Retrofitting Compliance – City Codes

To inspect, identify and satisfy mandatory safety and water conservation codes that are required at “point of sale” per the purchase contract items 4B (1) and 4B (2).  By installing what is needed and certifying the property for each of the required “point of sale” codes, we are satisfying the conditions of the escrow and protecting public safety.
Requirements When Selling Residential and Commercial Property

For Existing Single or Two Family Dwellings, Condominiums and Apartments
Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors, shall be mounted on the ceiling or wall of each existing room used for sleeping purposes and at a point centrally located on the wall or ceiling of the existing corridor or area giving access to these rooms. Where a dwelling unit has more than one story or where a dwelling unit has a basement, a detector shall be installed on each story or basement. Smoke detectors may be battery operated in Single Family Dwellings only. Smoke detectors in Two Family Dwellings, Condominiums and Apartments shall be hard wired and be equipped with a battery backup (Hard wired detectors installed prior to May 11, 1999 DO NOT require battery backup). Please refer to the actual code section listed below and all manufactures requirements for location and type of smoke detectors required. (Section 91.8603. L.A.M.C. – Effective Aug 1, 1980)

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, poisonous gas produced by incomplete burning of carbonbased fuels, including gas, oil, wood and coal. Carbon-based fuels and appliances are safe to use if correctly installed and maintained. It is only when the fuel does not burn properly that excess CO is produced, which is poisonous. When CO enters the body, it prevents the blood from bringing oxygen to cells, tissues, and organs. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it but CO can kill quickly without warning.  Read more…

Impact Hazard Glazing
Existing glass in every sliding glass panel of sliding-type doors, other than wardrobe doors, bathroom shower doors and french-type wooden doors shall be impact hazard glazing or an approved film may be installed on the glass. (Section 91.2406.7 L.A.M.C. Effective May 24, 1986)

Report of Residential Property Records  (Form 9 or RPR)
Section 96.300 L.A.M.C. requires that the seller of Residential Property within the City of Los Angeles shall apply to the City for a report of Residential Property Records and Pending Special Assessment Liens (aka Form 9) and deliver such report to the buyer prior to entering into an agreement of sale or exchange of the Residential Property or prior to close of escrow in connection therewith. Refer to the Forms section at this website for submitting a paper application or our Online service Residential Property Report System for submitting a request for RPR using the internet.

Security Lighting and Locks
All apartment buildings (buildings containing three or more dwelling units) shall be provided with security lighting and locks. Exterior lighting shall be provided in parking areas, walkways, recreation areas and similar locations as well as at the entrance of each dwelling unit. Interior lighting shall be provided in recreation or service rooms and in parking garages. Locks shall be provided at all doors and windows leading into each dwelling unit. (Section 91.8607 L.A.M.C. – Effective January 12, 1998)

Commercial and Residential Buildings

Earthquake Gas Shut-Off Valves (EQSO)
Any commercial or residential building containing fuel gas piping shall require the installation of an EQSO valve. (Ordinance 171,874 – Effective February 5, 1998; Ordinance 170,158 – Effective July 1, 1995)Water ConservationAny commercial or residential building containing plumbing fixtures shall comply with the City’s Water Conservation Ordinance. This program is administered by the Department of Water and Power. Please see Water Conservation Ordinance and Compliance.



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