New real estate agents are often so thrilled to begin a new career that they go to great lengths to attract potential clients. Experienced realtors are also striving to grow their companies and, as such, spend thousands on marketing campaigns that attempt to convince new customers to come their way. While there is nothing wrong with taking measures such as effective email marketing campaigns to attract new customers, the best advertising practices revolve around attention to detail along with your willingness to learn and be proactive in the industry.   Studies show that upwards of 80 percent of your company’s consistent revenue comes from less than 30 percent of your existing customer base. That means that of your 100-person client list, about 20 satisfied customers drive growth that takes your business to the next level. With so much riding on happy customers, it is vital that you develop ongoing strategies that place clients at the forefront of everything you do in the industry. Here are five ways to improve relationships, and hence business, in real estate.  

  1. Continually evolve

Despite what you were taught, maintaining a business is impossible. Your company should always be on the cutting-edge of the industry, which may at times feel as if you are not an expert in your field. Do not despise these uncomfortable times as they present opportunities for growth.   The most successful real estate agents thoroughly study their craft and attend seminars that help them better complete their jobs. Salespersons and brokers also invest in books and other educational resources on a consistent basis to keep up with the industry.  

  1. Bolster the needs of others

You will not get far in business unless you put the needs of your current customers and potential clients ahead of your comfort. A good way to satisfy customer needs is to ask yourself what the average client would expect from you, and then determine the best way to go about serving your public.  

  1. Follow up with clients

It does not matter how many times you call or send correspondence, your efforts to attract customers via follow-ups never grows old. It may be the time that you feel as if your email marketing tactics are doing little to accomplish your goal of growth that a customer calls you in need of a consultation.   Rewarding current clients who refer new buyers is another way that real estate agents grow their businesses. Even if the incentive is only two movie tickets, the fact that there is a benefit attached to your customers working to garner leads for your business is enough motivation to convince your client base to help with increasing business.  

  1. Establish new relationships

Networking is key in real estate. Not only is it important for you to develop new relationships with buyers, but it is also essential that you connect with fellow agents. There may be times when a salesperson or broker has a client who has requests outside of his scope. He may refer such individual to you and, as a result, bolster your business. The correlation between you and the customer cannot take place, though, without you making the first link between your co-worker. Such is the reason for establishing new relationships with both buyers as well as agents and brokers.  

  1. Take action

Proactiveness is the glue that holds everything together when you are a real estate agent. You can educate yourself on the latest trends in the industry and distribute flyers throughout the neighborhood, but such acts mean little if you do not work proficiently once you have hooked the client. Taking the laid-back approach is a good way to encourage customers to look for another agent who can answer all of their calls and accurately communicate their wishes and demands to sellers. You must be fierce and always one step ahead of proceedings if you want to close a deal quickly. Your ferocious attitude is what may convince clients to tell their friends and, hence, further grow your company.   Bringing increase to your real estate business is no easy feat. You must set a goal and be determined to see it through if you plan to go far in the industry. Focusing on customer service is the best way to secure your company’s longevity in real estate.

David Glenn

David Glenn

David Glenn is a home improvement expert. He occasionally freelance writes about home maintenance and DIY home repair. He’s also knowledgeable about topics like how to improve social presence and building a reputation online.