When you’re renting and it seems that you want to make your rental apartment decor to look luxurious. Being aware that you’re actually living in somebody else’s apartment, investing in décor is always something you have to think twice about. You might be forced to move sooner than you expect and you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on something you’ll have to leave behind. However, you still want your living space to have that luxurious appearance. So, what you can invest in are materials and items that you can carry with you or repurpose in another home one day. After all, luxury doesn’t mean crystal chandeliers and another upscale expensive décor anymore, but rather quality materials, smart combinations of different styles and being able to follow the latest trends with the space and the budget at your disposal. Here are some luxurious décor-related investments which can make living in your rental much more comfortable without setting you back financially.

Get some new knobs

Your kitchen cabinets are boring for you? Or the ones in your bathroom? Well, if you want to make a subtle change which will refresh the way they look and make you feel a bit happier, replace your old cabinet knobs with some new, elegant ones. You can save the old ones in a box or in one of your drawers and simply put them back onto your cabinet doors once you decide to move, while you take the new, better-looking ones with you to your new place. Similarly, if your doorknobs are old-fashioned nickel ones, already polished with years of use, you can invest in new ones, made from porcelain or brass. This is also something that’s easy to do, it’s affordable and can instantly add some glamour to an otherwise monotonous space.

Hide your worn-out floors

While getting new flooring in a rental apartment would be an utterly reckless investment, there are still ways to make your floors look beautiful without spending too much. With a few stunning area rugs in exactly the texture you prefer, you’ll add to the appeal of your entire apartment. If you can’t make up your mind about it, you should know that the latest trends are on your side, since you can now layer rugs in different textures, styles, colors and patterns to make your living space as sophisticated as you want. Don’t forget, bright colors and bold geometric prints are all the rage right now. You can even put some rugs where people least expect it, on your kitchen floors. Plus, nowadays you can choose jute rug made of natural materials and add tranquility to your home. And the best thing is that you can move them from one room to another, as well as from one apartment to another.

Add splashes of colors

If your whole living space is dull and depressing with plain white walls, adding some color here and there can make a huge difference and make the place more cheerful. Plus, it can reflect your own vibrant personality. Your landlord may agree to you painting an accent wall, but if they don’t, or if this is not something that you’re ready to do, you can always get some colorful artwork, as well as cushions, towels or even new curtains. As far as your bedroom is concerned, you can simply add color by investing in some new sheets and covers and enjoy the new life you’ve given to your apartment. Plush materials and trendy patterns will add some style to any of your rooms. And did you know you can get removable wallpaper now? Perhaps you should get some and have fun decorating.

Create additional storage space

If you feel that there’s a tad too much clutter in your rental and you want to have more storage space, but your mind is set on keeping it tasteful, pleasing to the eye and modern, there are several good solutions for you. First of all, floating shelves are something that’s ridiculously cheap, but can add some charm to any space if you’re careful with what you place on them. Similarly, if you lack closet space and you don’t know what to do with all those clothes, get a garment rack or two and put them in the corners of your bedroom. They are a fashionable way to store your garments, especially if you also invest in some lovely hangers. Finally, several stylish storage boxes or bins you can place underneath your beds can help you get rid of the mess and find the right place for all those little things which are currently annoying you all around your apartment.

With these guidelines, turning your rental apartment into a luxurious oasis you’ll love can be as simple and as affordable as you only hoped it could be.

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