If you are planning to put your home on sale in the near future, chances are that your prospective buyer will be a Millennial. This working-age generation is currently between 23 and 38 years old and ready to choose and settle in a property and this is where your offer steps into the picture.

Therefore, to reach a fair price for your lovely home and to make sure that it goes into the hands of people who will take care of it, you need to learn as much as you can about millennial tastes. With that in mind, here are 4 steps that will help you stage the house in a manner appealing for a typical millennial.

Work on the curb appeal

Most buyers know from the first moment they see a house whether they like it – a great interior may sway them to change their opinion, however, this first impression is essential for their decision-making process. This means that you have to trim the grass and any bushes that you have in front of the house, to make it presentable. Also, make sure that the driveway and everything else is clean since almost every millennial dislike messy views. Another thing to consider is to change your front door because this generation takes pride in being eco-friendly while old doors with their many cracks and holes are not so energy-saving.


Tidy everything up

As mentioned, clutter and uncleanness is not something that millennials can stand. They prefer minimalism and everything having its place in the house so a dusty collection of old memorabilia will not be attractive to them. The first piece of advice is to declutter the rooms so they seem as if they only have essentials when it comes to furniture and decoration. It may seem like an undertaking but it really doesn’t have to be time-consuming and it will also be useful to cut down the number of things you would be transferred to the other home you will be living. The second piece of advice is to scrub everything clean since simple and clean is what millennials look for. 

Pay attention to the room layout 

Fragile figurines and expensive furniture that is a hassle to clean do not make up a room display approved by millennials. Their love for the visual simplicity and open spaces is no secret so providing them with the feeling of open space could be a perfect idea. If a renovation project is not something your budget can sustain, you can achieve a similar impression by getting rid of chunky furniture and leaving more free space. Another thing which might tip the scale to your advantage is a pet-friendly rug because this generation has taken the love for animals to a whole new level. Besides being beautiful, these rugs are durable and can stand being vacuumed daily, as well as a bit peed and nibbled on by the little groomed angels.


Transform the spare room into an office

If you have a spare room you are using as storage space, you might want to put it to another use. Millennials often work from home or run their own business, so the idea of a house already having a home office would be pleasing. The trickiest thing about turning your storage room into an office space is getting rid of all those things you don’t need. Once you are done with that, all you need to do is set up a table and a chair next to the window and make sure they have enough power sockets for their many gadgets. Then you can place your laptop on the table and gingerly arrange some pens, notes and a coffee mug, to look as though you just left the table. This will certainly leave a strong impression and make them decide on your house.

The perfect starting point with staging your house for a millennial buyer is thinking from the environmentally responsible perspective. A messy driveway with garbage everywhere and rooms filled with unnecessary things are in no manner eco-friendly so decluttering and cleaning everything are the first steps to boosting the appeal of your home.

In line with thinking green, millennials will not find luxurious decorations attractive because they always aim for simplicity. So, it is best to put away your fragile expensive trinkets and leave the bare essentials and a lot of free space because too many things can make the room be stifling. If you sprinkle your house with thoughtful elements such as office space and pet-friendly additions, you will be on your way to winning over their hearts.

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