5 Home Building Trends for 2018 that Every Real Estate Needs to Know About

As we spend the last few days of 2017, real estate moguls and property managers can’t help but wonder what 2018 has in store. The home décor industry is also in an anticipatory mood for the coming year. 5 Home Building Trends for 2018 that Every Real Estate Needs to Know About For instance, home décor companies are brainstorming on new kitchen finishes and trendy paint colors for the New Year. The main reason why homeowners do a significant design remodel or engage in the construction of a custom home is to create a holistic personal space. This means that any home décor or remodeling firm should keep their consumers with the most current trend in the real estate industry. In this article, we will talk about the designs and decors in the home building industry that are going to revolutionize the real estate industry in the coming year of 2018.

Treatment and Finishes

Modern, sleek and aesthetic looks have taken over in the human life all thanks to technology. All these advancements have become a cliché, and now people want to get back to their original roots. Due to this fact, wood finishes will be a home décor incentive that no real estate firm should ignore in 2018. The home improvement décor may come in different forms including wooden plates, a rustic wooden lamp, a solid wooden table or exterior accents that are made from wood such as corbels, columns. The home designs of 2018 are likely to be all about wooden interior finishes and natural accents. Wood interiors compliment the desire by most homeowners to integrate with nature in today’s world where technology has almost made our lives artificial.

Iridescent Accents

While some owners plan on using earthly accessories to connect with the natural environment, there is a group of people who are willing to use the modern look of bright accents to embrace the future of home décor. Although lustrous accents give your home that aesthetic look that you are yearning for, it will cost you more than the available alternatives in the market. Most homeowners will prefer to start with a shiny tiled backlash or an iridescent pillow. This type of home décor is a mermaid-worthy look and is likely to gain traction in the future as homeowners are slowly embracing it.

More Open Spaces and Clean Lines

Even in traditional homes, spacious floors are becoming the trend going into the future. According to experts, the home construction industry is holistically becoming contemporary. Home builders are now focusing cleaner lines and the increased use of standing-seam roofs and Austin stone and doing away with turrets. Even the homeowners that chose to retain the traditional home exteriors have decided to go with open and modern concepts on their interiors. This always translated to tiny, wasted rooms and hallways. More usable space is still afforded by open floor designs to the dining areas and possibly to the living area. Designers have also brought the outdoors inside the home by the incorporation of more glass interior doors which are designed in such a way that they disappear after opening. As with any other system, efficiency is critical, and homeowners have realized that 100% of the floor space in their houses should be usable.

Geometric patterns

The day when geometric pattern designs would make a comeback in the home décor industry is finally here. These form of models can be seen in almost every part of the home area including in furniture and wallpapers. You can have the geometric pattern designs incorporated in your home using a wallpapered accent wall to give your house that new and fresh look. You can also make use of a new rug or some throw pillows to improve your aesthetic standing. If you are committed to having this new rend incorporated into your home, you can use a kitchen backsplash or a floor that is geometrically tiled. In 2018, this trend in home improvement will give a vintage and modern feel that anyone from any generation can appreciate.

New Home Trends We Hope to See in 2017

Home trends change from year to year, but overall, home ownership is a beautiful thing. You have a place to call your own while building up equity in your investment. And there’s also something about owning your home yourself rather than renting it from someone else. Investing in your home most likely will bring a great return, so the following are a few tips from the pros as you look at what your home needs next.

  1. Getting back to nature

The down-to-earth vibe is here to stay for a while. Designers and homeowners are loving the clean, Nordic design look cozied up with natural pine flooring and furnishings, soft textures like shearling, hides and fur with the occasional pop of color. Dark shades of green (as in, deep jungle, forest and olive tones) and nuances of ocean hues (blue-green, lime, jade, and cobalt)are on the horizon as some of the top color trends for the coming year. Of course, strategically placed indoor plants (trend alert: olive plants and trees!) lend a touch of green to enliven a space.

  1. Dedicated, technology-free space in floor plans

As open concept design and technology evolve, homeowners are increasingly looking for a small place to escape to where technology is absent. A bedroom nook, library or entry alcove along with warm, enveloping furnishings provides the perfect retreat from the barrage of screen information most homeowners face daily. Early in the design process is the best time to nail down exactly where and how to carve out a peaceful sanctuary within your home.

  1. Natural Textures

For furniture design, cane, rattan and abaca have been reinvented with a modern flair. Cork, a fast-growing and renewable resource, is emerging as a strong sound buffer for the pervasive open floor plan. Think a side or coffee table, stool or even an entire wall in a home office. Cork’s warmth and renewability make it a top choice for 2017 homeowners. Terra cotta tiles are also on the upswing with a new matte finish that stays away from the rustic feel of previous years. Look for terra cotta to influence fireplace surround design and bathroom design.

  1. Art-inspired wallpaper

After years of removing wallpaper, homeowners and designers are now considering its many benefits. In addition to many up-and-coming designs in today’s marketplace, artists can now turn their work into wallpaper murals by enlarging their art to a grand scale. Area Environments is one such studio that has seen a rise in demand for art-inspired wallpaper and creates impressive wallscapes.

  1. Black as a staple kitchen design element

White as a preferred design element is slowly being upstaged by its direct opposite. Black cabinets, countertops, appliances and more are coming into their own as designers seek a warmer, sleeker silhouette. As the perfect foil for metals, plants and colorful food, black seems to be coming into its own. If homeowners aren’t sure about a full-on black kitchen, dark gray and strategically designed black and white layouts are growing in popularity worldwide.

  1. Fair realtor fees

Too often realtors are given their set fees automatically without any direct correlation to the quality of service they have provided. With housing prices possibly leveling off in late 2017, homeowners who are considering selling need to get top dollar without costly realtor fees. A popular option is a flat fee MLS listing service. Basically, this is a real estate broker offering to list the property for a flat fee rather than a percentage of the sale price. There are some additional details to consider before deciding if this option is the right one for you, but typically a successful property sale in this scenario results in a seller saving half of the traditional commission and retaining the right to sell on his or her own.

Your home is typically one of your biggest investment over your lifetime. Make it a great space to retreat to, play in and even sell when the time is right.