Selling Home With a Fireplace: Savvy Tricks For The Maximum Profit

Putting your home up for sale isn’t an easy task since it requires a certain degree of planning and preparation. And when your home comes with an additional feature, such as a fireplace, things can get even more complicated. However, many buyers love the idea of having a fireplace, so that can be your advantage. So, if you’re planning to sell your home with a fireplace soon, here are some tricks that will help you make that happen.

Don’t hide or neglect the fireplace

This happens quite often, mostly among homeowners who haven’t used their fireplace for some time. But, even though it seems like the easiest option, it can actually decrease the value of your home. Why? Well, in order to make your home sellable, it needs to look like it’s easy to maintain and having an old and unkempt fireplace is a sure sign that your home’s been neglected. Nobody wants to buy a property and then spend time dealing with matters that should’ve been taken care of by previous owners. Therefore, rather than neglecting or hiding the fireplace, try to find a way to make it look good, as that will certainly help you sell your home for a much better price.

Make the fireplace your main selling feature

This one is the most suitable way to sell your home with a fireplace for the maximum profit, mainly because, by making the fireplace stand out, you’ll attract the right type of clients who’ll be ready to pay for the feature they find attractive and prestigious. So, be sure to clean your fireplace, and if possible, hire a professional cleaning team to do it properly. And since you’ll probably showcase your home on your realtor’s website, then it’s essential to create high-quality photos that can show the beauty of having the fireplace indoors.

Your fireplace should evoke certain emotions

As mentioned before, making the fireplace your main selling point can be done, but as long as you do it the right way. According to some studies, a fireplace can increase your home’s value, but only among people who are willing to pay. Therefore, it wouldn’t be bad to significantly upgrade or even replace your existing fireplace, especially if it’s already showing signs of wear. So, if you’re looking to change your fireplace for the new one, it’s essential to opt for something current and simple. Nowadays, you can find gas double side fireplaces that are easy to install and can keep the room warm during the chilly winter months. Besides, many families prefer spending a cozy Christmas day sitting by the fire, eating and enjoying some peace and quiet, so that could be a great way to make the potential customers feel more sentimental, and subsequently, opt for buying a home with a fireplace.

Be honest with potential buyers

In case you are unable or unwilling to get rid of the fireplace, and replacing it is also out of question, then you should definitely be honest with potential buyers, mainly if the fireplace is currently broken or tends to break quite often. They deserve to know the truth, so make sure to answer all of their questions in a patient and caring manner. If there’s something wrong with the fireplace, it’s essential to let them know, so they’ll be able to decide whether they want to fix it or replace it with a new one. Also, if you’re worried that your malfunctioning fireplace might lower the value of your home, it’s crucial to talk to your real estate agent and find the right solution before you decide to put your home on the market.

Selling your home with an extra feature is a great way to get some extra profit, but in order to do it, you should make sure that your home is in top condition. Aside from that, being straightforward when talking to buyers can help you sell your home much faster, so keep that in mind when you show your home to prospective buyers.

The Hottest Home Staging Trends to Sell Your House in 2020

As the year 2019 is closing to an end, some people are reminiscing what they have done this year, while others are turning towards the future. If your plan for 2020 is to sell your house and move to another neighborhood or city, you are probably currently deep in thought about how to make get the maximum from your house in terms of the price.

The answer to that question lies in staging, that is, preparing the house in a certain matter to be more pleasing to the potential buyers. The trick is, naturally, not to renovate but to make smaller but effective changes so that their expense is more than covered by the price that you set. So, here are the hottest trends that will attract buyers but without draining your budget.

Two-shade curb appeal

The potential buyers’ first glimpse will be to the exterior of your home, so you would need to work a bit on the curb appeal. One thing that doesn’t change with years is that first impressions matter and an unattractive exterior can lower the general opinion buyers form about the property. 

What would fit into the 2020 trends is a two-shade exterior: choose a color that you like, that is, two of its shades (we recommend one to be night watch green) and that would take the estheticism to the next level. As for the walkway pavers, emphasize the color with a stone sealer and when the spring comes, plant flowers of vibrant colors to attract the buyers in swarms.  


Add a breath of luxury

An ostentatious interior is not only unappealing to most buyers but it also makes them start pondering over the money they will need to keep it in that state. However, luxurious elements don’t have to be pretentious or expensive because they don’t necessarily include a grand piano in the living room or a spa in the bathroom. 

A few subtle elements are enough and placing them at places that are not that obvious would give the house an additional charm. For instance, you can choose affordable plaster ceiling panels for your living room ceiling and be sure that the exquisite ornaments would be the selling feature of the house. They come in different patterns so it will not be difficult to find the one that will fit perfectly into your living room. 

Illuminate the space

Most people dislike dark houses and dull brown walls will be enough for them to run away any year, not just in 2020. So, what you want to do is to open the curtains and the windows (if the weather allows you) to let the light into the house. Everything would get an elegant golden hue, while the floral ornaments on the ceiling would seem as if they are in full bloom.

If the buyers can only come after the sunset, don’t worry, the light is still your best friend so you can purchase a few modern lamps that stand on the floor and place others on the table and that would give the house a romantic tone, perfect for couples looking for a place to settle. 


Accessorize with unique items

What your house needs to have in 2020 is some statement items: those unique pieces of furniture or decorative elements that dominate the room. It can be an old rocking chair you got on the flea market and repainted or a vintage coffee table that belonged to your grandparents. Old items have the charm your house needs, and the best thing is that you can transform them into something new. Getting that one item doesn’t have to be expensive and it can boost the attractiveness of your house severely. 

With 2020 waving at us just around the corner, it is already time to start considering the tactics for staging your house if you wish to sell it swiftly. Luckily, these trends are neither high-priced nor will they take too much time to be put into effect, so with some good marketing, you will sell your house in no time.

Make Your Goals Meet Finances: 5 Simple Ways to Invest in Real Estate

If you think that only affluent individuals invest in real estate, you cannot be farther from the truth. The prospects of potentially hefty earnings attract people of different financial statuses and all walks of life and the best part is – they are all welcome. 

Anyone can join the real estate business since there are different ways to join the game and not just how you think big real estate companies operate. To help you find the most suitable method, here are a few simple ways to achieve success in the real estate arena.

Go with a rent-to-own agreement

Rent-to-own is an interesting manner of acquiring a property you like at a more convenient moment. You rent a place and sign an agreement that after a predetermined period of time you will purchase that property. As agreed, a percentage of those monthly installments become a down payment on a mortgage. This is especially suitable for those who need time to improve their credit score so they can use that predetermined period to do that. Other benefits include that you agree on the price at that point so any subsequent rise in the price of real estate properties will not affect your agreement, as well as having the opportunity to get to know the neighborhood and both bad and good sides of the house before you purchase it. 


Purchase a vacation rental

Many people dream of owning a property on the seaside so they can rest there during the summer. And even more dream about renting the said vacation property and earning from it. The idea is simple: you purchase a property at a tourist-infected location and rent it. However, you might want a vacation rental at some luxurious destination but that can be costly. So, when choosing the location, you need to account for the potential income in the future and how you would advertise the place. For instance, you might choose a trusted online platform such as Airbnb. You can create a profile, post property pictures and communicate with tourists via this platform and you also need to take into account the service fee which is deducted each time a booking is completed.

Transform a charming fixer-upper and sell it

Perhaps the most traditional real estate investment is purchasing a property under market value, fixing it up and selling it at a higher price, and this process is called flipping houses. However, for somebody who hasn’t got much experience, it can be quite tricky to assess which of the properties is worth investing in since the cost of fixing it might surpass its value. In this case, you might want to consult with an experienced real estate consulting firm because they can help you to make the optimal choice based on customized reports as well as offer legal advice during the purchase procedure. This step by step service might also include performing a detailed property inspection and provide you with various interior design ideas so that your fixer-upper can reach a good price. 

Consider real estate investment trusts

To invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), you don’t need to purchase a property. REITs are companies that invest the majority of the money into real estate and their profit depends on it. You buy shares at a REIT which means you are not in charge of collecting rent or emergency repairs – you don’t need to have any contact with the tenants whatsoever. As a shareholder, you need to know that the income comes in the form of dividends. This type of investment offers more opportunity for portfolio diversification because any major repair of one of the properties you rent out can be detrimental to your budget. If you find this strategy interesting, you should look into thriving REITs and purchase shares with them.


Test your resourcefulness with wholesaling 

This type of real estate investment doesn’t involve that you invest anything or purchase a property which makes it appealing to many. Wholesaling a house means that you are contracting a seller that has an undervalued house on the market and then quickly selling it at a higher price than they asked for it. Your profit comes from the difference in the prices. However, wholesaling demands a lot of patience and different skills because it is neither easy to find sellers who are eager to sell a distressed property nor is it easy to find an interested party quickly. Although it is not for everybody, the end profit can be quite lucrative. 

And now that you know that there are many types of real estate investment, it is time to opt for one that suits you and sail on the tides of real estate success!

Open Floor Concept: Great Solution for Your Rental Property

Open-plan home designs are becoming trendy again, so why not use the available space in your rental to make it more attractive for prospective tenants. Whether you’re aiming for a home office within a living room, or looking to merge the kitchen with the dining area, these spaces need to be well-designed to be able to take the best of both spaces. Smart decorating and styling ideas can make the spaces look separate but seamlessly integrated, which is much less complicated than it sounds. Make your remodeling plan, clear out space and safely store everything in a cheap storage unit and check out these eight tips for maximizing the open floor potential in your rental property.

Insist on symmetry

One way to give character to expansive space is to create a balanced look with larger furniture pieces. Make double the sofas for the seating area and counterweight them with a big dining table and a matching set of chairs, and the resulting symmetry will instantly bring order to the room. Use this setup as the frame on which to add moments of contrast like mismatched storage trunks or groupings of wall art. 

Expand practical spaces

Open floor kitchens modern homes are often designed to be gathering spots, but instead of a classic kitchen/dining arrangement, consider a more eclectic approach by turning a kitchen island into an everyday dining surface with barstools, while keeping the seating area with heavy sofas and chairs right next to it. Such a space that capitalizes on everyday comfort and lounging is definitely going to make an impression on potential tenants. 

2 (2)

Regulate foot traffic

By smart furniture arrangements, you can create specific stations within the larger space of your open plan area, and make the room feel more navigable. A big single room can feel directionless for people used to more compartmentalized dwellings with a central hallway and side rooms, while a huge room with dedicated ‘isles’ for conversation, comfort, eating, working, and preparing food is much more approachable. Between these stations, make sure there’s a clear path wide enough room for two people to pass by one another. 

Plan for cozy corners

An open floor plan allows you a lot of creative freedom to create distinct areas that your tenants can use for specific purposes. If you don’t know where to start, look to the corners for inspiration. For example, a double wall of windows can make for a perfect reading nook heavy with lush potted greenery, while the opposite corner can become an intimate dining nook. To prevent those opposing nooks from feeling distinctly different, or you can create a more cohesive look through eh use of blue, white or natural gamut that spans both areas. 

Choose consistent flooring

Rule number one for open floor rooms in rental properties is to use as few floor types as possible. Mixing different types like hardwood and vinyl in the same room chops it into smaller parts, roughly breaking the unity of the space. Consistency, on the other hand, doesn’t mean that the entire room should look exactly the same. By choosing quality flooring products of different accents, you can subtly distinguish different parts of the room. As materials are concerned, the best choices for rentals are durable floor types that can withstand a lot of traffic, such as teak hardwood or vinyl.  

Try monochromatic color scheme

Sticking to a monochromatic color scheme is probably the safest option for both rental properties and open concept homes. Pick a color and use it in different shades and tones throughout the space. Make sure to include some patterns as well. Monochromatic decors are always welcoming for white or black details, but also try to add some interest with an accent color. For example, a monochromatic blue color scheme always benefits from a few splashes of rich red or orange. 

Employ wood designs

Although heavy furniture pieces such as big upholstery and a banquet-sized table will make use of an open floor plan beautifully, there’s a lot of charm in wood pieces with slender silhouettes, as well. Tailored mid-century-inspired wood designs can infuse the space with a refreshing modern appeal while maintaining the whole room weightless. Besides, the slim designs allow for plenty of walk-around space. 

3 (2)

Create a modern great room

Take inspiration from elegant and sophisticated great rooms with soaring ceilings and tall windows, which were used for open living and dining in past centuries. In the latest trend of reviving baroque interior décor, attract quality tenants of style by creating a great room with a modern sensibility. Instead of going overboard with patterns, rich leathers, and deep colors, give it a try with a pair of simple and bright sofas, gold and crystal accents, and minimalist abstract art that acts as a bridge between the seating and dining area. 

Open-plan homes enhance the feel of a space, boost social interactions, and improve the efficiency of usable space, so it shouldn’t surprise why such rental properties, like downtown Columbus apartments are in high demand with both families and young couples. As the concept evolves, less and less interior designers speak of it as a trend but rather an opportunity that can be exploited with great success.

How to Remodel Your Home to Have a More Relic Feel

When remodeling your home to give it a more vintage feel, there are some tips that can help you get the look you want and save you money at the same time. By doing the remodel yourself, you may be able to find deals on genuine vintage items at a lower cost than the faux vintage items an interior designer might use. Additionally, consider these suggestions for making your home look more traditional and feel inviting to your family and your visitors.

Lighting Décor Really Drives the Ambiance Home

One of the most important concerns in choosing décor for your home is how it will contribute to the overall theme. By selecting period-appropriate lighting, you can reinforce the idea that your home is a step back in time. Today, many lighting companies recreate vintage looking appliances that work on today’s power consumption and energy conservation requirements. You may find gas lanterns that have been refurbished to provide electrical lighting or antique lamps that have been rewired and rated efficient for use in the modern environment.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, don’t give up in frustration. Many lighting companies will take on custom orders, if you contact them and describe what you want. Suppose you have old lanterns and you want them rewired and updated for today’s standards. You can request an estimate from a local lighting company, or you might prefer to go to a certified electrician to do the job for you. Either way, a little research will uncover options you might not have otherwise considered.

Color Helps Create Authenticity

Suppose your remodeling is almost done and you have all of the furnishings and décor to give your home a vintage look from your favorite era. All that’s left to do is slap on some paint. Easy enough, but, if you’re not careful, the color you choose could throw off that authentic feel completely. That’s because each era has its own color palette.

For instance, the 1900s saw a culture rebelling against the industrial revolution, so most homes were dressed in soft and neutral hues. It was also the heyday for Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic take on architecture. Everything from structure to color was intended to create a calming effect and help to take people away from the dirty, bustling industries now overcrowding Main Street. The best colors to use for this era are pale pinks, ivories, light greens, and soft oranges.

It may take some research, but you can find the best color schemes for whatever era you’re hoping to recreate. If you are trying to give your home a vintage look, why not go the extra mile and ensure you’re using the best color choices?

A Word About Moldings and Fixtures

By adding crown moldings and wainscoting to any wall or door, you can enhance the beauty of the room. In a darker room, add white wainscoting to create contrast, while also choosing a style that enhances the vintage theme of your home’s redesign. Adding wainscoting to wine cellar doors can help them stand out and create a focal point in the room.

Similarly, it’s important to select the right fixtures and tiling for your home. Much like the lighting, many manufacturers create vintage fixtures that are functional and adapted for modern homes. They’re most commonly found in big chain hardware stores or online, but you may also be able to find genuine vintage fixtures in antique stores or at flea markets. In selecting the right fixtures, pay special attention to the texture and character of the items to ensure they’ll enhance the theme of your home.

Tile flooring can also be found in a variety of styles, many speaking to decades gone by. If you’re uncertain what to choose, traditional black and white tiling is an excellent default choice. It has often been used for kitchens and bathrooms in a number of eras. You might also choose rustic-looking wood tiles or stone tiling, depending on your chosen era.


When remodeling your home to fit a specific theme, special care has to go into every aspect of the redesign. Many of your fixtures, lighting appliances, and décor may best be found at yard sales, antique stores, and flea markets, while hardware stores offer a wide selection of moldings and wainscoting. In paying attention to the smallest details, you can create an overall ambiance that may even exceed your dreams.