As the year 2019 is closing to an end, some people are reminiscing what they have done this year, while others are turning towards the future. If your plan for 2020 is to sell your house and move to another neighborhood or city, you are probably currently deep in thought about how to make get the maximum from your house in terms of the price.

The answer to that question lies in staging, that is, preparing the house in a certain matter to be more pleasing to the potential buyers. The trick is, naturally, not to renovate but to make smaller but effective changes so that their expense is more than covered by the price that you set. So, here are the hottest trends that will attract buyers but without draining your budget.

Two-shade curb appeal

The potential buyers’ first glimpse will be to the exterior of your home, so you would need to work a bit on the curb appeal. One thing that doesn’t change with years is that first impressions matter and an unattractive exterior can lower the general opinion buyers form about the property. 

What would fit into the 2020 trends is a two-shade exterior: choose a color that you like, that is, two of its shades (we recommend one to be night watch green) and that would take the estheticism to the next level. As for the walkway pavers, emphasize the color with a stone sealer and when the spring comes, plant flowers of vibrant colors to attract the buyers in swarms.  


Add a breath of luxury

An ostentatious interior is not only unappealing to most buyers but it also makes them start pondering over the money they will need to keep it in that state. However, luxurious elements don’t have to be pretentious or expensive because they don’t necessarily include a grand piano in the living room or a spa in the bathroom. 

A few subtle elements are enough and placing them at places that are not that obvious would give the house an additional charm. For instance, you can choose affordable plaster ceiling panels for your living room ceiling and be sure that the exquisite ornaments would be the selling feature of the house. They come in different patterns so it will not be difficult to find the one that will fit perfectly into your living room. 

Illuminate the space

Most people dislike dark houses and dull brown walls will be enough for them to run away any year, not just in 2020. So, what you want to do is to open the curtains and the windows (if the weather allows you) to let the light into the house. Everything would get an elegant golden hue, while the floral ornaments on the ceiling would seem as if they are in full bloom.

If the buyers can only come after the sunset, don’t worry, the light is still your best friend so you can purchase a few modern lamps that stand on the floor and place others on the table and that would give the house a romantic tone, perfect for couples looking for a place to settle. 


Accessorize with unique items

What your house needs to have in 2020 is some statement items: those unique pieces of furniture or decorative elements that dominate the room. It can be an old rocking chair you got on the flea market and repainted or a vintage coffee table that belonged to your grandparents. Old items have the charm your house needs, and the best thing is that you can transform them into something new. Getting that one item doesn’t have to be expensive and it can boost the attractiveness of your house severely. 

With 2020 waving at us just around the corner, it is already time to start considering the tactics for staging your house if you wish to sell it swiftly. Luckily, these trends are neither high-priced nor will they take too much time to be put into effect, so with some good marketing, you will sell your house in no time.

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