Let Our Technology Take You Further!

At Crestico Realty, we are dedicated to keeping with the changing times and making technology advancements integrate easily into your business. More importantly, everything we do technologically has a focus on bringing you more customers, and its all included by being a member of Crestico Realty!

Corporate Website

Our “corporate blog website” is unique in the industry and allows us to keep current content coming to members and consumers easily and consistently. The prominent placement of social media offerings including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube enhances our commitment to presence on popular consumer sites which in turn brings our members more business. We are the only company that is completely transparent about our product and service offerings. Use our simple site navigation to find out more about what we offer you, and the buyers and sellers you work with.

Office & Agent Extranet

Our online extranet allows you instant access to a user-friendly dashboard that lets you track your leads, access our unparalleled marketing materials; including buyer and seller presentation templates, your client portfolio, agent blog, reports, and you can view the latest corporate updates so you’re always in the know! In short, you have access to everything we provide directly from the internet!

Office Websites

Our office website system allows the collective knowledge of your office to shine with our unique program that feeds each agent’s blog posts into a single office blog. This website system is a powerful tool, as all the traffic the office website generates, gets sent down to the agents individual sites. Consumers see corresponding agent photographs next to each post, allowing them to get to know agents before beginning new relationships. Buyers and sellers are brought to the site and wowed with the amount of information available from an active staff. When combined with our integrated data package, customers can use the site to search for homes, community information, or find out their homes value! This is simply another way to generate quality leads for you.