A large part of the work in helping buyers is assisting them in defining what they want in a home, what they can afford, and helping them to find and view homes that meet their needs best. You will also make them aware of the services that your company may provide in terms of mortgage, title, insurance and other home ownership services, to ease the home buying and home owning process.

Your job is not to “sell” a particular home, but to act in a consultative manner to help them buy the home that will give them the greatest overall satisfaction. After they’ve decided on a home, you will help them negotiate the best price, and work to ensure that any possible issues regarding the purchase of the home are worked about between your buying customer, the seller, and the agent representing them. Finally, you’ll work to facilitate the closing process, ensuring that all paperwork and financing is in order, and help them take ownership of their new home.

In the end, your job is to provide needed value and expertise in one of the most important decisions that anyone can make – the purchase of a home. By exercising and demonstrating your capabilities, you take much of the pressure off the new homeowner. If you perform well – which we take to the next level at Crestico with our excellent service – it’s very likely that these buyers will turn to you when they plan to sell their house and buy a new one, and refer friends and relatives to you for new business.