Houtan is an entrepreneur with over a decade of accomplish-laden experience in the real estate industry. Houtan’s expertise centers around brand development and recognition, product launch, market share, distribution, expansion and operations efficiency goals. He brings valuable insight and knowledge regarding leadership and management challenges that riddle start up and growing companies and brands.

Houtan began his career in the electronics industry, focused on sales, marketing and growth. His keen business sense allowed him to take a small electronics store and convert it into a multinational import and export business with a highly credible reputation in the industry. Excellence in service and moral aptitude have been the key markers of Houtan’s professional career and community membership activities. He has further developed his entrepreneurial endeavors by utilizing such high standards to expand his enterprise.

Today, at the helm of Crestico, Inc., Houtan is a skilled and experienced real estate agent and mortgage banker who excels at consulting with clients to identify and analyze their financial situations while developing strategic solutions to further their financial-planning goals. His relationship-development expertise complements his ability to aggressively build a solid client base and drive revenue growth for the firm. He has a comprehensive knowledge of and experience in leveraging numerous investment instruments in a variety of complex scenarios. Finally, Houtan is a proven leader and team-builder and has the ability to direct strong teams in managing customer relationships and providing investment services.

While serving his clients, Mr. Hormozian also serves in several other capacities for the community at large and the mortgage banking industry, As President-elect of the North Los Angeles Chapter of the California Association of Mortgage Professionals (NOLA CAMP), working closely with members throughout the national organization to ensure compliance and communication regarding the ever-changing rules and regulations affecting the mortgage industry. Mr. Hormozian is also considered an expert in the field, having been interviewed by various publications including Yahoo and the OC Register and has been named a “5-star Professional” by Los Angeles Magazine for 2016 and a member of “100 Million Dollar Club” and “HOT 100” by Mortgage Professional America.

Prior to joining Crestico, Houtan fine-tuned his business skills and experience in the finance industry. Houtan’s vast experience and participation in the national capital market afforded him the ability to penetrate the real estate and mortgage industry through his various roles at different firms. As Sales Manager at Citywide Group, he used his brokering and banking skills to ensure the highest level of care and attention to all his clients, big and small. Whether it is a young couple buying their starter home, or a multi-national conglomerate of investors seeking to invest in large packages, Mr. Hormozian draws on his experience as a former loan processor, title loan and mortgage closer as well as his experience in pricing, closing and originating loans to showcase his flexibility and adaptability to any business scenario.

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