If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own home, but didn’t think you could afford it, think again!

Our mortgage programs for home-buyers can help make your dream a reality. We offer a variety of home loans to fit your lifestyle, including low or zero down payment loan options. And all first-time home-buyers who finance their home

To help determine the best loan program for you, consider the following

Thinking about Purchasing a Property?

When you want to purchase a new home, a “First Mortgage” is created. This mortgage can cover up to the full price of the home, sometimes more for Homepath renovation loan. However typically you will have to have money to put down. Some buyers can purchase a new home with low down payments on FHA and VA loans

Want to Refinance?

People usually Refinance their current mortgage(s) to get a lower interest rate or borrow more money. You can refinance the existing loan amount in most cases, or take cash out up to 85% of your homes value.

Home Improvement Loans

Any of the above three types of loans could be used here, but you are simply stating that you will be using the funds to improve the home.

Debt Consolidation to Lower Monthly Payment

Because Mortgage Rates are usually 2 to 3 times lower than Interest Rates of Small Bank Loans, Credit Cards, etc., many people choose to pay off all their bills with funds from a mortgage. This can be a very wise move as it not only relieve you of the multitude of monthly bills, but the accruing high interest rates on many small loans is very expensive in the long run.

Home Equity Line of Credit "HELOC" or Second Mortgages

A “Second Mortgage” can be taken out on your existing home against the “equity” you currently have. Some lenders will allow you to use 100% of your homes current value to determine equity, but 90% is common, and 80% is required for the best rates (closest to first mortgage rates). Thus, on a 200,000 home, if you owe 100,000 on your First Mortgage, you could borrow up to $100,000. Rates are usually a bit higher than first mortgages. Since this is a second mortgage, it is a bit more risky than a first mortgage for the lender, thus the interest rate is higher. If something were to happen, the first mortgage lender would be paid first.

Down Payment Assistant and or Grants

Loans and gifts from family, friends, and other organizations can help you put together a down payment sufficient for your home loan needs. The percentage of the loan or gift that is available for use as a down payment can vary depending on the type of home loan you qualify for. It is important to discuss any loans or gifts you plan to use as a down payment with your mortgage lender.Many companies also offer programs to their employees to make thehome buying experience easier. 401K plans are often used for this purpose and employees are permitted to withdraw from their 401K plans without penalty to provide a down payment on a home loan. Making use of your 401K program can be useful and beneficial but there can be drawbacks that must be examined.

Housing Authorities

There are national non-profit organizations dedicated to assisting home-buyers with their down payment and closing costs. Housing authorities are agencies in cities and states around the nation that handle housing issues in their designated areas. Many housing authorities strive to provide stable and affordable housing for low and moderate income persons and create living environments that help residents learn to live independently. Your mortgage broker is educated about current housing authority issues and can serve as a liaison between you, the borrower, and your Housing Authority.

One size loan does not fit all. Good credit or not-so-good credit, we can find you a loan. Whether it’s a purchase, re-finance, or construction loan, we have the most comprehensive loan products on the market for you to choose from that fit your individual needs.

We’ve highlighted the programs more commonly offered today. Characteristics of each loan program are unique, so consult us for more information and to become familiar with the details of the programs available to you.

To help determine the best loan program for you, consider the following:

  • How important is payment certainty?
    If knowing that your payment will be the same every month is important, consider a fixed-rate mortgage.
  • How important is rapid equity buildup?
    If rapid equity buildup is a factor, consider a shorter amortization period, such as a 15-year, fixed-rate mortgage.
  • Do you anticipate increasing or stable income?
    If income growth is anticipated, you could take advantage of a lower start rate on an ARM or a temporary buydown.
  • Other factors to consider include:
    • ability to qualify at market rates for loan amount selected
    • anticipated term of occupancy
    • possibility of significant rate changes
    • existence of up-front costs
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Start Your Real Estate and Mortgage Careers