CHF ACCESS 1/2% Down, Half Percent Down payment Program throughout CA.

CHF Access 1/2% Half Percent Down Payment and/or Closing Cost Assistance Program:

CHF Access offers up to 99.5% financing designed to increase home ownership opportunities for low-to-moderate income individuals and families in California.
Owning a home may be easier than you thought possible with the CHF ACCESS Down Payment Assistance Program. The Program is designed to assist low-to-moderate income home buyers with the purchase of a home, by providing a means to finance most of the associated down payment.
The Program combines a 30-year fixed interest rate FHA First Mortgage Loan with down payment and/or closing cost assistance from CHF in the form of a low fixed interest rate Second Mortgage, making combined financing up to 99.5% of the purchase price possible. It is available for purchases of both new and existing homes, as long as the home will be the primary residence of the home buyer, and does not require that the home buyer be a first-time home buyer.
Those who may have owned a home in the past are still eligible to apply for CHF ACCESS half percent down payment program.
*You may also currently own a home and rent it out and buy another one even if you are upside down in value.
Standard FHA 4155 underwriting and appraisal guidelines apply towards the purchase,
Minimum 580 Fico or No Fico score may qualify.

High Balance minimum 600 FICO score from $417k up to FHA Loan limits

CHF Access requires a minimum 580 FICO score up to $417,000 conforming loan limits.
CHF Access Jumbo from $417,000 up to maximum FHA loan limits, which requires a minimum 600 fico score.

CHF Access Program requires a minimum 580 FICO score to qualify. You may also qualify with NO FICO SCORE!

Pay your own closing costs or ask about premium financing which can minimize your out of pocket closing costs expenses and get your offer accepted today. So depending on how much you want to invest into the down payment and closing costs, is going to influence which program will benefit you the best financially.

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