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Evaluating the Home Exterior

    • Do trees and shrubs appear healthy? Are large trees at least 30 feet from the house?
    • Is the lot sloped for proper drainage? Are there low spots near the house?
    • Do outdoor electrical outlets have ground fault current interrupters to prevent shock?
    • Is the outdoor lighting adequate?
    • Are there outdoor faucets or a sprinkler system?
    • Are sidewalks and driveways in good condition? Will water drain off them?
    • Is the house’s surface in good repair? Are there cracks where materials meet at two walls or at windows and walls?
    • Do windows, doors and chimney sit plumb and square?
    • Is the roof free from sags and dips? Are shingles in good condition?
    • Are gutters in good shape, with tight seams and do downspouts point away from the house?
    • Do foundation walls have cracks larger than 1/4-inch wide?