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Preparing for a Home Inspection

    • Before having your home inspected you should make any necessary repairs.
    • Make sure the utilities are on for the inspection.
    • Keep a file with all utility records, warranties and receipts for major repairs,

Did you know?

Home Inspectors appreciate it when your pets and small children are kept a safe distance during the inspection.

You should prepare for a home inspection carefully, repairing all known defects ahead of time, and clearing access for the inspector to all parts of the home. The cleaning and possible repair work you do will not only will facilitate the inspection, it will improve your home’s marketability.

Before the inspector arrives, be sure to:

    • Repair cracked or broken masonry.
    • Clear access to the basement, attic, electrical control panels, and major home systems for the inspector.
    • Replace broken glass and grouting around windows and doors.
    • Fix leaky faucets.
    • Make sure toilets flush properly.
    • Replace rotted wood around plumbing, doors, and windows.
    • Make sure electric outlets are active and replace cracked outlet covers.
    • Replace furnace filters and clean vents.
    • Check the roof for loose shingles and sagging gutters.
    • Paint rooms that need it.
    • Clean the oven and replace burner drip pans, if needed.
    • If you have already moved, make sure utilities will be turned on during the inspection.
    • Make a file of utility records, warranties, and receipts for major repairs.
    • Keep all pets and small children safely away during the inspection.

If you are the seller, make yourself available to the home inspector, but don’t look over their shoulder. If they have questions, answer them truthfully, and don’t take their commentary on the home as a personal criticism. The Home Inspector is there to act as a professional, and you should treat them in a professional and courteous manner.