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As any Homeowner knows, there’s a subtle difference between owning a house and owning a home, and much of that has to do with changing the house’s character to fit your own. To learn more about moving and updating your house, please explore our site’s section on Moving.

Moving In

Considering the quantity and value of your possessions, as well as the type of place you’re moving from and to, you must decide the best method to move:

Professional movers: First, ask for estimates from several companies, and base your decision on the costs and reputation of the mover.

Moving yourself: You can probably cut your moving bill in half if you pack your possessions and move them in a rented truck, but the amount of work and worry will increase. Plus, you’ll want to review your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers your possessions during a move.

Remember to save all your receipts from the move, whether you choose a professional mover or do the job yourself. If you’re moving in conjunction with a job and you itemize your tax returns, you may be able to write off the moving expenses.

Calling it Your Own

Finding a house is one thing, but making it your home is another. Consider these ideas to make your home comfortable, welcoming and yours right from the start:

Set up one room in your home immediately after moving. Keep all boxes and clutter out of it; arrange familiar furniture and items. Use this room as a haven as you tackle the entire house.

If you have children, set up their rooms right away to give them a feeling of being home.

If necessary, give walls a fresh coat of paint before unpacking items. Use curtains or throw pillows to adapt your furnishings to an existing color scheme.

Draw up a floor plan to help you decide where to put furniture before you lug it around.

Create a focal point in each room by drawing attention to an architectural feature – add artwork above the mantel or use an unusual drapery treatment on a window with a view.

After the sale

The relationship you’ve forged with your Crestico Real Estate Agent doesn’t end when the sale is over. Feel free to contact him or her with any questions you might have even after you’re settled. And, don’t forget to call when you’re ready to make another move – your Crestico Real Estate Agent will always be ready to provide you with excellent advice and service.

Ask your Crestico agent about our Preferred Partner, Leo Décor, who provides superior in-home décor and design services!