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To sell your home, you’ll need more than yard signs and advertisements. You need a Crestico Agent who will work as your full-service advisor and negotiator to get you exactly what you need to sell your home more quickly and easily by:

    1. Helping you set the right price on your home to attract the right buyers and the sales professionals who work with these buyers.
    2. Gathering data that will present your house and neighborhood in the best light.
    3. Targeting the market where the most likely buyers will be.
    4. Qualifying calls from people who may be more curious than serious about buying
    5. Showing your home to the best prospects
    6. Skillfully representing you during the offer process
    7. Doing the necessary paperwork and legwork in a timely manner.
    8. Guiding you through settlement.

To sell your home, you’ll need more than ads and signs. When you work with a Crestico Agent, you’ll receive top-notch, priority service, in addition to ads and signs. When working with you to sell your home, the goals of our Real Estate Agents are:

    • To obtain the best possible price for your home
    • Negotiate the most favorable terms
    • Secure a buyer in the shortest period of time
    • Relieve you of the stress and inconvenience that can occur when selling a home

If you are thinking of selling a home, or want to talk with an expert Real Estate Agent, please work with a Crestico Agent. An agent at one of our local offices will be glad to talk with you, and help you in all of your Real Estate needs.