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Professional Services an Real Estate Agent Provides

As anyone that has tried to sell a home on his or her own knows, selling a home can be complicated, time consuming and occasionally frustrating. There are many legalities to deal with, numerous paperwork elements to manage, and from time to time, contentious personal feelings on the part of the potential buyer. Professional experience, and support staff, makes all of these matters much easier for a Real Estate Agent to handle than the average home owner.

Selling your home should not be a negative experience. Your Crestico Agent can help you sell your home more quickly and easily by:

Helping you set the right price on your home to attract the right buyers and the agents who work with them

Gathering data that will present your house and neighborhood in the best light

Targeting the market with the most likely buyers

Screening calls from people who may be more curious than serious about buying

Showing your home to the best prospects

Representing you during the offer process

Doing the necessary paperwork and legwork

Guiding you through closing

It Starts With You

Before the yard sign goes up, you and your Real Estate Agent must do some homework. Your agent’s expertise in selling real estate combined with the knowledge you have of your home is a winning combination. The goal is to work together to attract buyers to your home.

Gather the Facts

Buyers want to know details, and having the answers is a powerful sales tool for your Real Estate Agent. Your Real Estate Agent will ask you lots of questions in order to create a customized listing and marketing plan that targets the correct buyer.

A little prep work on your end will make the process go smoothly. Help your Real Estate Agent by providing the following information:

The legal description of the property.

The number of rooms and their sizes.

A list of things not attached to the house that you’re offering for sale, such as window treatments, carpet, fixtures, swing sets, etc.

Past utility bills, property taxes and insurance.

Information about your mortgage including the type, terms and assumability.

Financing assistance, potentially through your own lender.

Any liens against the property.

If you live in a condominium or townhouse, include a copy of the association’s declaration, bylaws, and financial statement, monthly fees and special assessments.

Special items or improvements about the house. (Point out things that may not be apparent on a walk-through.)

The positive points about your neighborhood, such as demographic information and proximity to services, shopping, schools and other areas.

Any defects that aren’t apparent. (Most states require sellers to disclose defects.)

If you are thinking of selling a home, or want to talk with an expert Real Estate Agent, please work with a Crestico Agent. An agent at one of our local offices will be glad to talk with you, and help you in all of your Real Estate needs.